The Benefits of Exercise Bikes

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The Benefits of Exercise Bikes

Stationary bikes work out a lot more than just your leg muscles. With proper form, working out on your exercise bike can engage muscles across your body. Upright and recumbent bikes can each offer their own set of benefits.

Riding a bike is considered low impact making it ideal for beginners as an efficient muscle-toning, calorie burning workout.


Get Your Heart Pumping

The exercise bike can be a great cardiovascular workout. By ensuring your heart-rate stays in your target zone you can see great benefits. A good bike should have some form of heart-rate workout, involving sprints, intervals or climbs to ensure you keep your heart working hard and the benefits coming.

Work Your Core

When you are working on an upright bike, keep your abdominal muscles tight. This is crucial for maintaining proper form and control. Draw your stomach towards your spine which should tilt your pelvis and flatten your back. The natural cycling motion should engage your core muscles in this position. If you are looking for more, try lifting one foot at a time as you drive down with the other. This will work in a similar way to leg extensions, working your lower core muscles as you pedal.

Pump Your Legs

This is the obvious one. Riding an exercise bike works out your calves, hamstrings, quads and hip flexors. If you are working hard on the bike you will soon see your muscles growing stronger. Upright bikes were long considered a better leg workout but a study published in 2005 in the journal “Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation” found that at low intensity, a recumbent bike workout was more strenuous, especially on the hamstrings and quads. A recumbent bike isolates your legs and does not allow you to use your weight or core to force down the pedal.

Whatever stage or shape you are in, there are certainly huge benefits to be gained by getting on an exercise bike. For more information please go to our Exercise Bikes page.

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