Fit Tip: The Beauty of Stairclimbers

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The Beauty of Stairclimbing

Power Mill Stair Climber - Perth 2Have you noticed those Stepmills at your gym? Those strange small escalator looking machines in the corner gathering dust? Possibly not, these incredible climbers have not been picked up and become the new fad, and I can’t work out why.


The first thing to notice is the impact on your cardiovascular. According to Life Fitness, the Powemill Climber, burns over 1500 joules in 45 minutes for a 65kg person. That’s comparable to 45 minutes on a treadmill at 10 km/h or a heavy 20 minutes on the rower.


The Powermill also provides a double-duty strength and cardiovascular workout for your lower body. The steep incline builds your legs and glutes continuously throughout your workout giving you the same benefits as a high-rep squat and lunge superset that got your

Build it Up

Most stair-climbers come with adjustable speed and resistance settings, allowing you to build in intervals or variable resistance segments into your session.

Balance Your Workout

You would be forgiven for not associating balance training with a workout on a Powermill, but with every step your balance is tested. This is not to say that each step is dangerous but try taking your hands off the railings and see how hard your core is working to keep you upright.

We see athletes and gym-goers rushing for the stairs to enhance their regime and we need only to check our sales figures to know that climbers are readily available. I could count on 2 fingers the number of gyms we have equipped without a stairclimber. So beat the rush, avoid the queue and get yourself on a Powermill. Unless of course you are not looking for a great cardio workout that sculpts lower body and builds your core strength. It’s very much up to you.

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