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Customer Retention Tips For Gyms And Personal Trainers

We were trawling through the endless junk-mail we get here at Gym Care from various consultants offering their services, and tray as we might one headline jumped out at us:

“Attracting a new client costs 5 times more than keeping an existing one”


We had a look around and it seems this is a fairly widely accepted, or at least widely publicised, statistic and was even sited specifically for the fitness industry. So when times are tough don’t forget about your current customers, you need to make sure that you keep who you have as well as trying to expand.

Keepng Your Existing Customers Happy

Add Value

Clients will stay with you if they still see value in your service. As we all know the novelty of a new gym wears off quickly and as soon as their ‘new customer special’ has worn off, it is easy to forget them. Don’t. Keep reinvesting in your facility and the service you provide. Stay in contact with your customers, send them an email, offer them some advice or send them a recipe for their nutrition plan, all these small things keep adding value in the eye of the client.

Reward Your Clients

The special joining rates and discounts are a common tactic to lure potential clients and we’re sure most of you will have those plastered all over your building and surrounding areas ensuring anyone who could possibly be thinking about signing up can’t help but miss them. Well if potential customers can’t avoid these special deals then neither can your current clients. You are bombarding them with all the benefits that ‘new’ customers will receive and how cheap it will be and how fantastic it will be. Try rewarding your current customers for staying with you, try offering a discounted class or PT session to customers who have been with you for 6 months or a special discounted class for existing members. As well as reminding your clients that you do care about them this is a great opportunity to show them other functions of your facility.

Create a Community

Customers want to feel as if they are part of something bigger. If you can foster a sense of community throughout your gym then you will build customer loyalty. Organise social events such as parties, BBQs or even fitness outgoings that involve employees, members, friends and family and even members of the public. This not only brings your current customer base closer to you and each other but also attracts their guests to your brand.

Keep Producing Results

This is the most important part of customer retention. If a client loses or gains 5kg, run the fastest 5k time of their life or start feeling some relief from their debilitating lower back pain, they’ll keep coming back. However, be prepared, when they’ve achieved that goal they’ll need another one to keep them motivated. Week after week, year after year, your clients will perform best if they have goals. Don’t let them wander through their workouts and slowly drift away, keep them focussed and motivated and they’ll stay loyal.

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