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Marketing Tips For Gyms – Get The Name Out There

We have worked in/with/for hundreds of the most successful facilities all over Western Australia, so we thought it was about time we tried to pass on what makes them successful. Our Gym Advice section will give you some practical and cost effective tools that you can use to make your facility more successfull.

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Offer a free visit pass

People love to try before they buy and the gym is no exception. Potential members will want to spend a few days trying out the equipment, meeting the staff and generally getting a feel for the facility before they sign up. Rather than charging the ridiculous prices for first time or casual visits, offer them some free passes, get them in and let your gym sell itself.

You also have a great opportunity here to get people to sign up. Take their name, email and phone number or even better register them as a trial member on your system, take their photo and give them a free-visit membership card. This way you have all their details so when their trial is up it couldn’t be easier for them to just sign up full time. You can also track their entries and get in touch with them at the end of their trial to see how they felt about their visits and talk to them about a full membership.

Member Referral Program

Member referral programs are a fantastic way to attract new members. When it comes to buying, nothing beats a personal recommendation from a friend. A personal referral system gives your current members a great incentive to talk about how much they love your gym and encourage their friends and families to come down and try it out.

Give your clients some referral cards with an address, phone number and address to give out, when a prospective member comes in you can take their details and verify their details and away you go. Make sure that you reward both the current member and the prospect in some way, for example: wave the sign-up fee for the new member and then a points system for the referrer.

Get Online

There is no doubt that online is the present and future of marketing. When your clients look up your name they won’t use Yellow Pages they go online. Approximately 70% of prospective clients will do a Google search to find the nearest Gym before they come and see you.. You need to make sure that you are easy to find and that when you are found you are found, you present your facility in a way that is appealing to your customers. Get yourself a modern, up-to-date website and start using social media. Think about what your customers are seeing when they discover you. This can be difficult but there are several Web-Designers and Digital Marketing Firms that will offer a quick, easy and affordable website and Social Media Service that can keep you ahead of the curve.

Reach Out To your Local Community

It may seem obvious but it is vital that you get the local community involved with your centre. Spend a day getting to know the local business owners and offering deals for staff members, generally building relationships. Your centre is now surrounded by people who think you’re fantastic. You can get them handing out flyers or referral cards, advertise in their shops or showrooms. You can also use their names in your facility as ‘Local Partners’. This relationship makes you seem like a part of the same local community as your customers makes you seem like the good guys that everyone loves.

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