Circuit Series

Circuit Series is designed to help exercisers of every level enjoy strength training and the healthy life that comes with it. Inviting and easy to use, these convenient machines offer simple, enjoyable workouts and the visible results that inspire people to come back week after week. With pre-developed workouts available, Circuit Series is ready to go right from the start.


  • Perfect for New-to-Strength-Training Exercisers – Exercisers new to strength training will enjoy an immediate sense of accomplishment, thanks to low starting resistance levels.
  • Consistent Resistance Levels Across Machines – Consistent resistance levels across the line allows users to easily remember their resistance.
  • Biomechanically Correct Design – Biomechanically correct design enables movements that follow the body’s natural path of motion ensuring a workout that feels good to users of all sizes.
  • Lifeband Resistance™ System – Lifeband Resistance™ System features small increment resistance adjustments that deliver measurable progress for exercisers and motivate them to stick with an exercise routine.
  • Push-Button Controls – The Lifeband Resistance™ System uses push-button controls that are less intimidating than traditional pin systems, and the buttons are conveniently positioned so users can change resistance settings from the exercise position.