Life Fitness pioneered the Synrgy360 concept to provide inspirational fitness experiences to an increasingly diverse audience of exercisers. From the customizable, multi-purpose equipment, built-in storage, accessories and flooring, to the dynamic training resources, Synrgy360 is about more than just working out. The revolutionary concept provides limitless opportunities to train smarter, better, and more effectively. It’s a full-service training nerve center that can be tailored to serve the broad scope of exerciser goals and facilitate the latest fitness trends. Whether you are looking to showcase your facility’s small group training programs, connect users with a full-service platform for independent training, or energize your school’s physical education curriculum, these dynamic training hubs makes a bold statement about your commitment to moving fitness forward.

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Life Fitness premier training destination has eight unique training spaces that incorporate 10-rung monkey bars and dedicated area for TRX suspension training.

Make a bold statement about your facility’s commitment to fitness with six available training spaces that incorporate seven rung monkey bars.

Contribute to users’ success with the variety afforded by five available training spaces.

Training Spaces: 8
Recommended Live Area: 8.2m x 8.2m (27′ x 27′)

Training Spaces: 6
Recommended Live Area: 8.2m x 6.7m (27′ x 22′)

Training Spaces: 5
Recommended Live Area: 7.0 m x 7.0 m (23′ x 23′)


This space-efficient training hub consolidates the variety of four distinctive training spaces.

Convenient for placement against a wall, two unique training spaces provide exercisers with an effective total-body workout.

Training Spaces: 4
Recommended Live Area: 6.7m x 6.7m (22′ x 22′)

Training Spaces: 2
Recommended Live Area: 6.7m x 3.4m (11′ x 22′)