HD Elite

HD Elite is Hammer Strength’s most durable rack line designed for ultimate customisation and even the most extreme training conditions. HD Elite is available with new options for professional strength coaches, as well as personal trainers, to achieve unique and tough training environments.

The modular line of racks can be customised into more than a thousand combo rack configurations or used as stand alone racks. Combined with the varying pull-up options, storage and accessories, HD Elite gives you all the options you need to make your training regime durable and flexible.


  • Anvil Bracing™ – Multi-plane bolting configuration increases structural rigidity.
  • Spider Gusset™ – 45-degree angle braces with diamond plate to increase lateral stiffness.
  • Hammerlock™ – Hammer Strength-originated bolting mechanism allows for higher fastening torque and eliminates exposed hardware for a clean look.